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How to get Permanent Residence in Kazakhstan?

aneeshaneesh 5 Years - Citizen of the world
edited October 2015 in Visas & Embassy
Most of the foreigners who have got married with Kazakh Man or Woman may like to settle down in Kazakhstan. Kazakh Government provides "Permanent Residence" card for such people and it will be valid till the expiry of Passport of such foreigners. In the process, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the

Ministry of Internal Affairs, National Security Council (NSC, they are also called KNB or KazakhKGB in popular discourse), and migration police are involved.The foreigners need to apply from the embassies or consulates of Republic of Kazakhstan (RoK)located in their countries or in consulates/embassies located in nearest other country which looks after such foreigners' country.

The process will take 2 months to 10 months in average but there is no definite guarantee with in which such applicant gets "Permanent Residence" of Kazakhstan. There is little clarity and a lot of confusion due to involvement of multiple agencies in the process.

I have compiled below the list of documents required based on my experience. The information is collected from different sources and I hope it helps to people looking to apply for Permanent Residency in Kazakhstan.

The following documents are required from the applicant who is looking to apply for Permanent Residency in Kazakhstan:

1. Duly filled application form;

2. Consent of a national of the Republic of Kazakhstan (inviting party) allowing the foreignerto stay in the flat or house owned by the inviting party;

3. Copies of documents confirming permanent residence of an inviting party in the Republic of Kazakhstan;

4. Document confirming an exit permit for permanent residence abroad issued by the competent authority of the state of nationality or permanent residence of an applicant;

5. Document confirming financial solvency during the period of stay in the Republic of Kazakhstan;

6. Statement of good health of an applicant and his/her family members in respect of illnesses mentioned in the list of illnesses, which incidence prohibits the entry of foreigners and stateless persons in the Republic of Kazakhstan;

7. Statement of presence (absence) of convictions.

In theory, above 7 documents should be sufficient to get the permanent residence. However, there is every chance that the authorities may ask additional documents or above documents in specific formats or should contain particular language or phrase.

After you submit the documents in the consulates or embassies outside Kazakhstan, the consular will take your interview and will forward the documents to Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) along with his comments and recommendations. MFA will send it to Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) and MIA to National Security Council (NSC). The final decision maker is NSC based on your documents and based on the inputs provided by Consular, MFA & MIA.

Once the decision is made, NSC forwards it to MIA, MIA to MFA and MFA to Consulates/Embassy from where you applied. Consulate will inform you but in practice, it is suggested to contact Consulate every week or on fortnight basis.

After the decision reaches Consulate (and if it is positive!), you need to apply for J2 Visa (applicableto most of the foreigners) from the consulate which will be valid for 90 days. The moment you land at Kazakhstan, the final leg of application for Permanent Residency Card starts which will take approximately 40 days. That is the end of getting Permanent Residency in Kazakhstan. Keep in mind that getting J2 Visa is not equivalent to getting Permanent Residency. J2 Visa expires within 90 days and you must get Permanent Residency Card within those 90 days.

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